The Question Block Video Game Pub Quiz 2016-17 Season Info & Trivia Scores (page 5)

Episode 04 – November 29th


Your Face Is A Trivia Team

The fourth game of Season 5 prepared our teams to argue online about the Game Award winners.  7 teams duked it out for primacy in this month’s game.

The teams created a cash prize pool of $35, and our half-time prize pool consisted of a Wii Backpack, a knitted Great Ball from Pokemon, and of course free drinks from the bar!

Round 1 challenged teams to answer questions from This Month in Video Games! Veteran team The Last GuardiJuan (aka The Juans of Gamelon) got a perfect score this round, the only team to do so.

Round 2 was our graphic round, the succinctly titled Turbo Grafx CD & PC Engine Super System Card Error Screen Messages For Super CD-Rom2! It was league team The Woodmen‘s turn to get a perfect score by naming all 8 games from their error message screens.

Our non-video game round, Logical Fallacies, was challenging, but several teams, including Chobo Riders and We Need a Name managed to score perfect points going into the half-time break.

Our half-time lightning round using the new format earned many people some great half-time swag and free drinks.  Curious about the new format?  You’ll have to come out to the next game to find out!

Round 4, our new Spotlight round went back to the days of audio with Video Game Cover Music!  Teams fought valiantly to identify each audio clip, but nobody managed a perfect score.

Round 5, EDUTAINMENT (also our player’s choice round), stymied a few teams, but several did well including Game…Blouses who scored a perfect 8.

Our final round, a celebration of 15 Years of Xbox, asked our teams questions regarding Microsoft’s storied history in the video game industry.  The Spoony Bards scored their first perfect round, earning the coveted 15 points possible in the last round!

In the end, The Woodmen earned their first win of the season, taking the crown in the Question Block Video Game Trivia! Congratulations to all the teams who played this month’s game, and thanks for coming out and playing!

Newcomers We Need a Team Name earned the honor of naming a round in December’s game, however the management has lost their category 🙁  Once we find it, we will post it here!


  1. This Month in Games
  2. Turbo-Grafx Error Message Screens
  3. Logical Fallacies
  4. Video Game Music Covers
  6. #15YearsOfXbox


Team – Ep. 4 R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 R6 Total END
The Woodmen 8 8 8 6 8 15 53 1
The Last Guardijuan 9 5 8 7 8 11 48 2
Spoony Bards 7 6 6 7 7 15 48 3
Game… Blouses 8 6 8 6 8 10 46 4
Super Ultra Trivia Team 2.5 HD Remix TE 7 2 8 5 7 15 44 5
Chobo Riders 6 5 8 4 5 10 38 6
We Need a Name 5 2 8 3 2 0 20 7

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