Seattle Times profiles Turn 10 Studio & the Forza Franchise

The Seattle Times has an interesting profile of Turn 10 studios, makers of the Forza series, based off of Willows road in Redmond, 10 minutes north of Microsoft’s main campus.

The article focuses mainly on the Forza series, but also covers some of the details of how racing games as a genre fit into the console-based games ecosystem. It also goes into the crazy level of details that Turn 10 goes into when developing their more than 500 cars for the Forza franchise:

Turn 10 scans every bit of the cars’ exterior and interior. If the owners are amenable, they hoist up the car, pull the wheels, weigh various parts and test the engine

Head over to the Seattle Times website for the full profile, plus a great quick breakdown of the games industry & jobs in the Northwest

Screen racers: Microsoft’s Turn 10 Studio drives innovative games | Business & Technology | The Seattle Times.