Welcome to the Home of The Question Block Video Game Pub Quiz!

The Question Block is a standard multi-media pub quiz, featuring teams of up to 6 players.  The game lasts approximately 2 hours with a 15 minute half-time break.  There are 5 Regular Rounds, 1 Half-Time Round, and a Final Round.

Trivia is usually on the last Tuesday of the month at Hounds Tooth in the Greenwood neighborhood of Seattle, WA.

Teams and individuals are awarded cash, prizes, and drinks for correctly answering trivia about video games!


Before the game, teams elect a ‘captain’ and choose a team name.  The captain brings the team’s entry fee (usually $5) up to the Game Master.  The captain tells the Game Master their team’s name, and the first names of each member of the team. (If your team is part of the current league, be sure to include your league name.  Want to know more about leagues?  go here!100% of entry fees go toward the prize pools.


30 seconds to answer!

The first 3 rounds, and rounds 4 and 5 are all “Regular Rounds,” meaning all questions are worth 1 point unless otherwise noted (occasionally some questions will be worth more points or have multiple answers).  Wrong answers in regular rounds DO NOT count against a team’s score.  The Final Round features 5 increasingly difficult questions, each worth more points than the last, and wrong answers WILL count against your score!

Half-Time Bonus Round

The Half-Time Bonus Round is an opportunity for individuals to shine by participating in a lightning round for prizes! Regardless of how your team is doing, the half-time is your chance to win! Half-time questions DO NOT count towards the main game score.

After the Final Round, we will recap each team’s scores.  The winning team will receive a cash prize!

About Hounds Tooth Public House

The Hounds Tooth in Greenwood!

Our monthly trivia is held at the Hounds Tooth Public House at the corner of 87th St and Greenwood Ave N!  The Hounds Tooth is an open space featuring a rotating selection of excellent Pinball Machines, 18 taps, and tasty pub cuisine!  Located in the heart of Greenwood, you’ll also have access to other local favorites like The North Star, The Baranoff, Coindexter, and Gorditos (not to mention ample parking)!

Food & Happy Hour

Hounds Tooth offers a regular menu, late night menu, and Happy Hour food and drink specials from 4pm – 6pm on weekdays, with full service during our trivia!  Come early and enjoy some discounted food before you play some trivia!