Five tips for getting to know your local Indie Game Dev scene

The Gamasutra Blog for Nick Cummings has posted 5 great ideas for finding other Indie Game Devs (or for meeting them if you want to get familiar with your local industry scene).

All 5 are great ideas, but my favorite is Indie Circuit, which gives developers, fans, and event organizers a way to connect with people in their area.  From their website:

The Indie Circuit is a website and community created to give you the best experience with a small, handpicked set of multiplayer indie games. Soon there will be players to meet, tournaments to attend, streams to watch, developers to chat with, and all kinds of interesting features to experience. After a period of time, the games will be rotated out.

Check out the Blog for all 5 options.

Gamasutra: Nick Cummings’s Blog – Welcome to the Neighborhood: Five tips for getting to know your new local community.