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Episode 03 – January 26th

Madden: A Retrospective

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Can you name what year of Madden is featured here? (click the img for the answer)

A New Year, An Old Viewpoint

2016 broke new ground with The Woodmen bringing in a Neo Geo console for some pre-trivia gaming!  In addition, The Woodmen started a new year with a fresh win, toppling 5 other teams to become the winners in our January game!

Girl is finally home

The teams created a cash prize pool of $30, and our half-time prize pool consisted of some rare candy, including a rare Xbox 360 face plate, some not-so-rare iPhone cases, and more not-an-amiibo figurines (not to mention free beer)!

Round 1, Video Games!, featured several questions with bonus points, landing #BestTeamEver in an early lead with 9 points thanks to a deep knowledge of David Bowie (RIP), That Dragon, Cancer, and Noby Noby Boy!

Round 2 struck fear into non-sports fans’ hearts, as we provided a 30 year retrospective on John Madden Football!  Given a picture of the box art with the year removed, and armed with a few facts, teams had to determine when a given Madden title was released.  Once again, #BestTeamEver eked out a further advantage, managing to answer 6 out of the 8 possible points, more than any other team!

Round 3, our non-video game round, focused on local Seattle attractions. Team Six Feet Under Pressure did a great job, getting a perfect score for being able to name Dick’s, Beth’s Cafe, The Funhouse, KEXP, and more!

By the way, here’s our Half-Time Bonus Question on Facebook:

This 2007 Vanillaware hit is coming out in HD with expanded worlds with new monsters, full voice over and more. Can you name the game?

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Before starting the second half of trivia, we had our half-time round.  This month we took our inspiration from last month’s Player’s Choice category, Halo!  We asked teams to name all the current Halo games for 1 point each (up to 10).  Out of the 13 possible answers, Plays With Squirrels did admirably well, with 9 points.


Round 4, our traditional audio round, focused on current events, playing music from games that were part of a 2015 Game Of The Year list. This proved to be our most difficult round, with Team Action Sack tying with two other teams for the top score of only 3 points!

Our video round this month was a tribute, of sorts.  The title of the round was Labyrinth, and in this round we showed clips of games that feature elaborate dungeons, labyrinths, or other dense underworlds.  Another tough round, but A Juan of Ice and Fire managed to stay above the average score by answering half of the questions correctly.

Our Final Round was again a tribute, this time directly focusing on the impact of David Bowie on video games! We asked 5 increasingly difficult questions about video games that feature David Bowie, or his music.  The Woodmen earned their first place prize in this round by scoring 11 points, the highest of all teams.  Next highest was Six Feet Under Pressure, with 9 points, followed by A Juan of Ice and Fire, with 6 points.

In the end, The Woodmen took the crown for the first game of 2016!  Congratulations to all the teams who played this month’s game, and thanks for coming out and playing!

Plays With Squirrels scored a direct hit by collecting the fewest points in this month’s game.  The Player’s Choice round is Harry Potter (The Books, not the Movie)!  Good luck to all the teams, and see you on February 23rd!


  1. Video Games!
  2. Madden: A Retrospective
  3. Seattle Icons
  4. 2015 Game Of The Year
  5. Labyrinth
  6. David Bowie

HALFTIME ROUND: Halo games (Player’s Choice Round)


Team – Ep. 3 R1 R2 R3 HT R4 R5 R6 Total END
The Woodmen 7 5 7 10 3 6 11 49 1
#BestTeamEver 9 6 8 10 3 6 4 46 2
A Juan of Ice and Fire 8 5 7 10 2 4 6 42 3
Six Feet Under Pressure 6 2 8 10 3 3 9 41 4
Team Action Sack 6 1 6 10 3 2 1 29 5
Plays with Squirrels 5 2 6 9 1 1 0 24 6

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