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Episode 08 – June 28th


All E3, All The Time

The final epic battle for Video Game trivia supremecy drew in 6 fated contestants in June’s Question Block trivia game!  Most league teams showed up for their final opportunity to get free passes to the Seattle Retro Gaming Expo 2016 at tonight’s game!

What game is this? (HINT: It's not Blade Runner)
What game is this? (HINT: It’s not Blade Runner)

Of course, E3 #swag also contributed to the many reasons to come out to trivia this month!  Our halftime winners were treated to E3 lanyards for Forza Horizon 3, PlayStation VR, and a lovely Persona 4 swag bag in addition to the 3 free drinks provided by Wilde Rover at halftime!

Round 1, Video Games!, was heavily E3 influenced, with Richard’s Team, The Spoony Bards, eking out an early lead with 7 correct answers!

Round 2, Sim Cities, showed our teams an image of a video game city, and asked for the name of the city and the name of the game.  This double-points round earned Do You Want to Continue? far more than the usual 8 points in a round, along with other teams who performed well (but not perfect!).

Our non-video game round was chosen by last month’s team, and despite some tricky CG questions, Pinballer Travis Wants to Battle!, aka the Juans of Gamelon, walked away with a strong score, putting them in a good position going into the halftime game!

Our half time bonus round on Seattle Retro’s Facebook page was this: (click link to see the answer)

The villain everyone loves to hate, Adolf Hitler appears in which Persona game? 

Check out Sega’s next game, Sonic and the Glass House

Round 4’s Spotlight round, Doom Guy (and Friends!), was kind to everyone, with almost every team (sorry The Rumble Pak!) earning a full 8 points in the round (that’ll teach me not to show all the correct answers for the round).

In Round 5, E3 Abbreviated, we asked teams to identify games announced at this year’s E3 from just 1-5 second clips!

Our final round, questions around the Nintendo 64, did well for a few teams, especially Super Ultra Trivia Team 2.5 HD Remix Tournament Edition, who took advantage of the round to bump themselves up a few levels in the final game of the season!

In the end, The Woodmen took down the evening!

In the Championships, the following four league teams won free entry for their teams into the Seattle Retro Gaming Expo 2016!

The Player’s Choice Round for next month comes from Do You Want to Continue?. The category is MOBAs!


  1. Video Games!
  2. Sim Cities
  3. PIXAR
  4. Spotlight: Doom Guy (and Friends!)
  5. E3, Abbreviated
  6. Nintendo 64

HALFTIME ROUND: N64 games with “64” in the title (that aren’t published by Nintendo)


Team – Ep. 8 R1 R2 R3 HT R4 R5 R6 Total END
The Woodmen 6 14 13 8 8 8 15 72 1
Pinballer Travis Wants to Battle! 7 14 10 5 8 8 12 64 2
The Spoony Bards 7 14 11 5 8 8 7 60 3
Super Ultra Trivia Team 2.5 HD Remix TE 5 9 8 3 8 5 10 48 4
The Rumble Pak 5 14 7 5 6 4 -2 39 5
Do You Want to Continue? 4 11 7 3 8 7 -6 34 6

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