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Episode 07 – May 31st

S04E07R04Q03ID Tell You but Then ID Have to Kill You

The penultimate trivia night saw six teams battling for first place in a Player’s-choice paradise, with two rounds chosen by teams in previous games!

The half-time round earned players free drinks, a stuffed Psyduck, a sealed copy of Zone of The Enders HD collection for Xbox 360, and a Behemoth phone charm!

Round 1, Video Games!, focused on the games and news of the month, with The Spoony Bards earning a top score out of the gate, tied with Super Nintendo Chalmers, aka Juans of Gamelon!

Super Nintendo Concepts

Speaking of Spoony Bards, the team also managed to get the top score in round 2, Console Prototypes!  Even with 7 correct answer, the Bards outperformed all other teams in the round to take the top spot going into our non-video game round.

For round 3, we asked players questions about the Marvel Cinematic Universe, on which most teams performed well.  Super Ultra Trivia Team 2.5 HD Remix earned 10 points for getting all the answers correct (including bonus questions!) netting a perfect round, along with The Rumble Pak.

Our half time bonus round on Seattle Retro’s Facebook page was this: (click image to see the answer)

Using the Standard Galactic Alphabet, post the English translation of this: 

Our half-time lightning round was Gamespot’s Game of The Year games from 1996-2015.  The whole list can be found on their article here. This was a tough one, but Super Nintendo Chalmers pulled out the top score (4 points)

Round 4 this month was our new Spotlight round, focusing on one company, this time it was ID Software.  A combination of of audio, video, graphic, and text-based questions about ID and it’s games led to some gains for The Woodmen, who got 9 points.

Put these in chronological order

Round 5, our video round, was a Player’s Choice round.  We showed clips of games that featured Amnesiacs, and most questions offered a bonus question if teams could name the person with memory issues.

Our final round (also a Player’s Choice) was Mass Effect!  This round lifted everyone’s score, but ultimately The Woodmen managed to get every answer correct, for 15 points (ahead of UnderBlind, Super Trivia Team, and Rumble Pak, who scored 11 points each), pushing them out in front, and earning them the title of champions for Episode 07!

The Player’s Choice Round for next month comes from Super Ultra Trivia Team 2.5 HD Remix Tournament Edition. The category is PIXAR!


  1. Video Games!
  2. Console Prototypes
  3. The Marvel Cinematic Universe
  4. Spotlight: ID Software
  5. Amnesiacs
  6. Mass Effect

HALFTIME ROUND: Gamespot Games of the Year 1996-2015


Team – Ep. 7 R1 R2 R3 HT R4 R5 R6 Total END
The Woodmen 7 5 10 2 9 12 15 60 1
Spoony Bards 8 7 9 2 8 11 6 51 2
Super Nintendo Chalmers 8 6 7 4 9 10 6 50 3
UnderBlind 5 2 9 3 5 10 11 45 4
The Rumble Pak 4 5 10 3 1 10 11 44 5
Super Ultra Trivia Team 2.5 HD Remix Tournament Edition 4 4 10 1 8 5 11 43 6

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