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Episode 04 – February 23rd

Love Is In The Air

The QB Modest-o-meter Is In Full Effect

This Valentine’s day brought a massacre as 3 teams competed for cash, prizes, and glory in the 4th episode of this season’s Question Block video game trivia!

The Coleco Chameleon

The teams created a cash prize pool of $15, and our half-time prize pool consisted of some rare candy, including a rare some not-so-rare iPhone cases, an Xbox 360 faceplate, and more (not to mention free beer)!

Round 1, Video Games!, featured a total possible 11 points, but nobody managed a perfect score.  The best score on display was 9 points, courtesy of The Woodmen!

Round 2 carried a tinge of both retro and modern gaming as we focused on virtual reality from the ’90s with screenshots from the Virtual Boy.  This time Jump! Jump! Jump! Slide! Slide! Slide! kept a neck-and-neck pace with The Woodmen!

Round 3, our non-video game round, focused on Harry Potter (the books, not the movies).  This round was chosen by the last place team from January’s game, who did not appear for this month’s game 🙁  Jump! Jump! Jump! Slide! Slide! Slide! eked out the advantage, earning 8 points and taking a 1 point advantage and the lead going into halftime!

It's Hester
Can you name the person in this image? HINT: It’s Nester’s sister

By the way, here’s our Half-Time Bonus Question on Facebook:

Who did Kirby copy this ability from?


Click Here for the answers on our Facebook page!

Before starting the second half of trivia, we had our half-time round.  This month we we asked teams to name all the Atari 2600 games that sold more than 1 million copies.

Mass Hysteria!
Vega is Balrog, Balrog is M. Bison, Dogs and cats living together

Round 4, our traditional audio round, focused on the sound effects of Street Fighter II and it’s ilk, in Street Fight-hear.

Our video round this month was a tribute to video game lust, as we featured scenes of Video Game Sex.  Your lovely, modest host used his fantastic video editing skills to keep this trivia game modest as we showed clips featuring the sex act in video games.

Our Final Round paid tribute to the 30th anniversary of the Legend of Zelda, by featuring questions about games and gaming events that took place in 1986!  The Juans, going by No Juan Left Behind did an admirable job of holding their own during this round.

In the end, The Woodmen took the velvet cardboard heart!  Congratulations to all the teams who played this month’s game, and thanks for coming out and playing!

No Juan Left Behind scored a direct hit by collecting the fewest points in this month’s game.  The Player’s Choice round is Adventure Time!  See you on March 29th!


  1. Video Games!
  2. Virtual Reality Is So Last Millenium
  3. Harry Potter
  4. Street Fight-hear
  5. Video Game Sex
  6. 1986

HALFTIME ROUND: Atari 2600 Million Sellers


Team – Ep. 4 R1 R2 R3 HT R4 R5 R6 Total END
The Woodmen 9 7 6 10 11 8 7 58 1
Jump! Jump! Jump! Slide! Slide! Slide! 8 7 8 4 11 8 4 50 2
No Juan Left Behind 8 3 6 5 9 7 3 41 3

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