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Episode 06 – January 31st

Explain A Half-Time Round Badly

Pro-Tip: Name Your Team After Your Food

2017 started strong at The Question Block!  9 teams showed up to fight for the title of first winning trivia team of the year, and the new teams put on a great show.

Can you dig it human?

The 9 teams created a cash prize pool of $45, and our half-time prize pool consisted of a DS-branded SD card and card reader, XBOX Fitness branded chapstick, A player’s guide, a new Nintendo Circle Pad Pro, a new Xbox backpack, T-shirts, a mouse pad, and of course free drinks from the bar!

Round 1 challenged teams to answer questions from This Month in Video Games! Two teams managed to walk away with a perfect score, Travis’ Tough Tootin’ Thirty Bun-Punchers (aka The Juans of Gamelon), and newcomers Fish and Chips! Both teams got 8 correct answers, and an early lead.

Round 2 was our graphic round, Box Art: Sega Master System!  It was league team The Woodmen‘s turn to get a perfect score by naming all 8 games from the box art.

Our non-video game round was #ExplainAFilmPlotBadly: 2017 Oscars Edition.  Once again, Fish and Chips scored a perfect round, this time joined by The Spoony Bards.  a rare double-points round and a video round!  At the half-time break, we had a close game, with three teams tied for 2nd with 20 points each, and the Juans of Gamelon leading the pack by just 1 point!

Our half-time lightning round using the new format earned many people some great half-time swag and free drinks.  Unfortunately, I did not get the rules out before the game started, so the first question was a bit tough for players with itchy trigger fingers, but in the end we handed out 10 prizes!  Curious about the new format?  You’ll have to come out to the next game to find out!

maybe it’s pokemon, Maybe it’s maybelline

Round 4, our new Spotlight round was tough double points round!  We gave teams 16 names, and asked them to identify if it was the name of a Pokemon or Drugs!  Amazingly, Game… Blouses correctly identified all 16 Pokemon/Drugs! Kudos, guys!

Round 5, Movies Based on Games was our video round.  We showed clips of movies based on video games!  Almost every team scored perfectly in this round, and we got to enjoy some cinematic GP.

Our final round featured OG 3PP, Activision.  Nobody scored a perfect round in the final, but it did decide the fates of a few teams.

When all was said and done, newcomers Fish and Chips stormed the trivia and shook the establishment to its core!  We look forward to seeing them come in again and disrupt our rankings as we move towards the Championship at SRGE 2017!  Congratulations to all the teams who played this month’s game, and thanks for coming out and playing!

No, No, No to Tallyho! earned the honor of choosing a round in February’s game.

The Player’s Choice round for February is Famous Actors in Video Games!


  1. This Month in Games
  2. Box Art: Sega Master System
  3. #ExplainAFilmPlotBadly: 2017 Oscars Ed.
  4. Player’s Choice: If You Experience Pokemon for More than 4 Hours, Consult a Doctor
  5. Movies Based on Games
  6. Activision


Team – Ep. 6 R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 R6 Total END
Fish and Chips 8 5 8 12 8 9 50 1
The Spoony Bards 7 7 8 8 8 11 49 2
Game… Blouses 7 5 6 16 8 7 49 3
Travis’ Tough Tootin’ Thirty Bun-Punchers 8 5 5 14 8 8 48 4
The Woodmen 6 8 6 8 8 9 45 5
Metal Beer Solid 7 5 3 8 8 5 36 6
Rooster Gold 5 3 4 9 8 7 36 7
Super Ultra Trivia Team 2.5 HD Remix T.E. 3 1 7 6 7 3 27 8
No, No, No to Tallyho! 4 1 5 5 8 2 25 9

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